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Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories

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Rent a Screed or Concrete Vibrator in Calgary

Does your concrete project require you to rent a screed or concrete vibrator? Calgary contractors and technicians can find a wealth of rental options throughout Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories. Not only is our equipment well-maintained, but we also have some of the most competitive rates in the industry. 

Before our screeds and concrete vibrators are dispatched they undergo an in-depth testing and inspection process to ensure they deliver promised performance and are safe to use. 

Just a few screeds and vibrators are featured on this page, but we also have several other models from various manufacturers. If you’re looking to rent a screed or concrete vibrator in Calgary, call us today to place a request or ask about the other models we have available.

Magic Screed

Lay, level, and compact concrete in one step with the Magic Screed vibrating screed. This unit yields terrific results and delivers field-tested efficiency. Magic Screeds are available for rent in 8’, 10’, and 12’ boards.

Dunrite Concrete Vibrator

The Dunrite Concrete Vibrator’s performance and reliability have been known by Canada’s contractors for decades. Rent yours today and make this an essential part of your next project!

*Items on this webpage may not always be as shown or available to rent. Please inquire before placing your request.

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