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Every company is founded on more than just bricks and mortar, or dollars and people. There has to be something undergirding it. The following are Dunrite's Core Values:


  • It's not just words to us — Customer satisfaction is the most important foundation of our business.

  • We continually seek to know the pulse of our market and to understand the needs of our customers who depend on us, and then we make it our mandate to exceed their expectations whenever possible.


  • Integrity is one of those values that's not so quickly "trumpeted" by companies nowadays. It's kind of like how common sense isn't quite so common as it used to be. There's no doubt that the business world is changing, and many businesses have let their busyness become their primary driver – important things can start falling by the wayside. We strive to not fall prey to that.

  • We've been in business for a long time, for over 3 generations of family ownership, in fact. Our current owner still holds to the core founding values of his father and his grandfather before him.

  • We say what we believe, and we do what we say. We talk and act with honesty and honour without compromising our beliefs and standards.

  • We make no assumptions but continually strive to earn your trust as we believe we are trustworthy.

  • Talk is cheap. The entire business world is marketing and pitching something always. Sometimes it's a façade, an illusion, and sometimes it's the real truth. Regarding in our personal values, team values, and corporate values, we strive for alignment in what we say and do.


  • We're the kind of company that "reads between the lines" when looking to hire the best people, the right people, to join our team. It's all about "the fit" not just the skills.

  • There's no giant gulf between Management and staff here. We're building this business together, each one having their own key part and significant contribution in our company's success equation.

  • We work shoulder-to-shoulder, sharing a common purpose, a common culture, and common corporate goals. We genuinely care about and support our Dunrite team members' pursuit of excellence and happiness. We're only as strong as the measure of our Team — we believe we've got a great team here!


  • We don't believe in only "doing what's adequate enough to get by with". We believe in excellence. We never stand still. We strive to do our best. We are always evolving and if we find ourselves re-inventing ourselves yet again... we count that a blessing. We're adaptable, flexible and ever-growing as our market continues to evolve.

  • Individually, and as a team, we constantly review and assess what we do, and ask ourselves, "How can we do what we do better?" "How can we improve things more?" We're always seeking to find new efficiencies and improve our ways and means. We're always pursuing innovation and new creative ideas or approaches for what we do and how we do it. We're never complacent. We never give ourselves time to get too comfortable – we take action. We learn from our past and we endeavour to be proactive and always thinking and deciding with the future in mind.

  • What do they say, "It's not the destination but the journey." We have targeted goals we shoot for every year, but it's the continuous building and growing that's most important. The measure of a company has less to do with its humble beginnings or its final reaching of some pinnacle of success, than everything that happens in between. Continually improving our offering to our customers in our products, services, and ourselves, is what's most important and determining of our ongoing success.


  • Our company nurtures a responsible culture. It's not a matter of, "It's not my fault," or "It's not my job." We're a team here. We're all responsible for our part but we also look after one another, and make sure that as a team, every base is covered.

  • Nor is it just financial accountability or service accountability. As individuals on our team and as an organization, we acknowledge and assume responsibility for ALL of our actions, decisions, and company policies, and for meeting our products and services commitments to our customers and suppliers — we take ownership of the results.


  • We take a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work/life balance for all our employees. It's ingrained in our Corporate Policies.

  • It's a key part of our company culture.

  • A business that out of its own perceived necessity, decides it has to make its employees work excessive hours, may become guilty of looking after itself more than caring enough for its employees — there are always better ways and better choices that can be made to ensure a healthy balance between work and play.

  • We value our people. We want them to have time for family and friends. We want them to have a proper balance between work life and personal life.


  • We enjoy what we do. Ours is a close-knit, family-like environment here at Dunrite. We're all committed and do our best no matter what our position within the company. We work hard, but even hard work can be fun. There's always some levity going on even in the midst of those days when we're swamped.

  • We take our jobs seriously, and at our busiest times, work life can be hectic and stressful, not a surprise in most businesses nowadays, but we encourage and nurture a corporate culture that's a "better than average" work environment for our team mates. We strive for excellence but we have fun in the process, too.

  • We look after our people, and as such, we also plan extra-curricular social events and activities each year for our staff. Just as family life is something you nurture and build on, so it is the same in a close-knit work environment. Even these social times contribute to the right balance between work life and family life.


  • We do everything we can to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. We have an excellent safety track record here at Dunrite. All of our staff are safety-trained to be compliant with our Safety Manual policies and programs. The majority of our staff has first-aid training certification, as well.

  • We encourage personal health and well-being and additionally offer wellness benefits to our staff. We endeavour to go beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free and healthy workplace.

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