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If you have browsed our website, you will have a pretty good idea about our corporate culture. We are a thriving small business, meaning there is rarely a day when we are not busy. No one here has time to twiddle their thumbs. We are all a very down-to-earth team. When a customer walks in the door, they will likely be greeted by their first name as we have known most of them for many years but if not, we will quickly be welcoming them to our Dunrite family at large.

If anything, our corporate culture is implied and apparent, not expressly defined. Each person brings their flavour to the table and their personality to the team. We are a small, close-knit environment and everyone is a key contributor to who this company really is.

We are a business that respects the right balance between work and family time. We work hard, but no one here is ever asked or expected to work ridiculous hours. That means no evenings and no weekends. That’s valuable time we want you to spend with your family and friends.

We also take time each quarter for a team-building or recreational activity to spend some fun time with our coworkers. Some of our staff favourites are white-water river rafting, paintball, or, more recently, The Locked Room.

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