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Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories

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Kraft Tool Co.®

Kraft Tool is a trusted name in the hand tool industry. They manufacture high-quality hand-crafted tools for the construction industry. Their tools are considered to be among the world’s finest bricklaying tools. Click the photos below for a close-up view of their products.

CC944 19 ½ " x 4" Gold Standard Aluminum Concrete Placer without Hook

CC803-01 48" x 8" Round End Magnesium Bull Float without Bracket

CC044-01 48" x 6" Channel Float without Bracket

CC608 8' x 1 ½" x 3 ½" Magnesium Screed

CC289SB 6' Anodized Aluminum Swaged Button Handle with 1 ¾" Diameter

CC236 6' Threaded Aluminum Handle with 1 ¾" Diameter

CC305-01 6" x 4 ½" Bronze Walking Groover ¾" x 8" Bit without Handle

CC750-01 48" Big "D" Blue Steel Float without Bracket

Knucklehead™ II Tilt Float Bracket - 6 Hole

36" Flat Wire Texture Broom - ¾" Spacing

14" Floor/Form Scraper

24" x 5" Blue Steel Cement Trowel with ProForm® Handle with Short Shank

EZ-Kneeler™ Kneeboard

5 Gallon Plastic Bucket (no lid)

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