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Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories

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Three Generations of Dunrite History – Stan to Rod to Riley: 1962 – today

1st Generation – Initiative – from Small Beginnings as Dunrite Vibrator Calgary Ltd.

Stan Peterson was a mechanic working for a local rental company. He would bring concrete vibrators to his Glamorgan home after work and start repairing them in his spare time.

Dunrite was the only specialized repair shop in Calgary repairing and selling only concrete vibrators in the early 1960s. As Calgary and Alberta grew, so did Dunrite Vibrator. Branches were launched in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto, allowing greater buying power. At one point, Dunrite Vibrator sold over 50% of all the vibrators sold in Canada. Some company names from those early days that used our service included: Gallelli Concrete, Con-Force Structures, Calgary Concrete, Burns & Dutton, Rocky Mountain Precast, Key Concrete and Poole Construction.

2nd Generation – Innovation – Bringing More to the Success Equation

Rod Peterson bought the company from his father in 1986. Dunrite was able to cut the cost of repairs by 60% to 80% of normal repair costs and was able to fix clients’ vibrators while they waited. Dunrite also provided the longest flexible shafts with high vibration heads. We only use the highest quality motors.

Rod additionally designed and created the Cariola Wheelbarrow Company Ltd. It has sold all over Canada and the USA, and has been exhibited many times at the World of Concrete conference. We also designed a quick release for the power trowel motors as well as many innovative tools and systems that have helped our contractor customers.

3rd Generation – Investment – Sure & Steady Growth – Preparing for the Future

It was inevitable that Riley Peterson would begin operating the company and, in 2006, he did! He officially renamed it Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories in 2009. Riley added many new lines of equipment used by concrete contractors and has kept abreast of the ever changing needs of his customers. He has also built an expanding rental fleet of equipment to provide customers with options of testing or renting equipment, if purchasing equipment is not in their budget.


Dunrite has won many sales awards from their major manufacturers. For several years, Dunrite sold more Allen Power Trowels than any other "4 branch or less" Allen Dealer in North America. This was all done from Dunrite’s one location here in Calgary. 


Most importantly, Dunrite has stayed a family business for over 60 years and has kept its unwavering commitment to quality customer service; our motto "We service what we sell."

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