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Dunrite Concrete Equipment & Accessories

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Marshalltown Construction Tools

Marshalltown is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete and masonry tools in North America. They are well known for their quality hand trowels which come in various options like steel type, size and handle grip to customize the trowel to meet your needs. Check out the Marshalltown catalogue for a wide selection of trowels, floats, edgers, groovers, and everything else you may need for concrete finishing tools.

MXS66D 16" x 4" Finishing Trowel with Curved Durasoft Handle

MXS66BD 16" x 4" Blue Steel Finishing Trowel with Curved Durasoft Handle

MXS66RED 16" x 4" Rounded End Finishing Trowel with Curved Durasoft Handle

MXS66BRD 16" x 4" Finishing Trowel Fully-Rounded with Curved Durasoft Handle

36D 6" x 3" Edger-Straight Ends - " Radius ½" Lip with Durasoft Handle

4283D 6" x 8" Stainless Steel Safety Step Edger/Groover ⅜" Radius - ⅞" Lip

4268D 6" x 4" Stainless OS Curb Tool with Durasoft Handle

145D 16" x 3" ⅛" Bevelled End Magnesium Hand Floats with Durasoft Handle

148D 16" x 3" ⅛" Cast Magnesium Hand Float with Durasoft Handle

4615D Tapered Magnesium Darby with Durasoft Handle

AP753 All Aluminum Placer without Hook

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